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It’s a brand new day. You open your eyes, delighted to greet whatever comes. You jump out of bed easily and without pain. You feel good, and are practically vibrating with energy. Life is joyful.

That’s not you?  It can be. If you are truly living in a healthy vibrant world, you are taking the opportunity to live totally, and to the fullest.

If you feel that you are not currently experiencing a healthy, vibrant world, you may wonder if it is even possible to achieve this ideal. Should you quit now before you waste even more time and are disappointed yet again? In my experience, all people can achieve their own healthy vibrant world. But how do you navigate around the rocks in the river of Life to achieve your desires? We have all seen articles and lists of how to make changes to embrace life; but let’s face it: doing so can be a big jump into the unknown. I recently read a description of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It reminded me of the process we all go through to transition from our current space into our healthy vibrant world.

Do you wonder if the caterpillar even thinks it is possible to go from being a leaf eating, stick crawling insect to become a graceful flying butterfly? Imagine the fear and self-doubt a caterpillar must experience before going into the cocoon. Then imagine the total lack of self control the caterpillar must feel as it turns into liquefied mush. Every cell in the caterpillar transforms and becomes the beautiful and amazing butterfly. We all possess an inner caterpillar self, which also clings to the known and familiar; fearing the unknown and change. Our inner caterpillar doesn’t realize that its destiny is to soar on the winds of Life, and express its beauty in the world. Without this willingness to undergo the transformation, its beauty would remain unseen and die within its protective cocoon.

Are you willing to go into your life and change down to the cellular level to become the butterfly you were meant to become?

The first step is to actually tell the truth about your health. Are you healthy? In what ways are you not healthy? Are you willing to be healthy? Are you willing to change? The answer to the last question is the most important. Are you honestly willing to make the changes necessary to create a healthy life? It’s easy to say, “Oh, yes I am, but don’t ask me to…”.

The second step is to identify the poisons that are present in your life and health. Our lives are filled with poisons. A poison can be many things, from the foods we eat, the chemicals we use, thoughts we torment ourselves with, to toxic relationships. The challenge is sorting through the quagmire of information that is available to everyone. Dr. Parker’s goal is to help you sort through the information, to find out what is true for you, and what your individual needs and issues are. No butterfly is the same,and no individual is the same.

We hope to meet some of you soon; especially those aligned with transforming into their butterfly.

Written by Dr. Ehrin Parker

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