3 reasons to see an Osteopath

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  1. Pain relief
    Whether you are suffering from acute (recent) or chronic (long term) pain, there are a number of ways a visit to an osteopath can help. Treatments helps to relax your body, to improve movement in your joints and muscles, and encourages good circulation in order for your body to repair itself. If your pain isn’t caused by stress, it will certainly become a stress – this is why we want to help you get out of pain as quick as possible with a lasting effect
  2. Prevention of injuries
    If you are training for an event such as a marathon, triathlon or competition, you know that an injury can really set back your training progress. It can take months to recover from an injury and then you are left with a weakness in that area which can cause more problems further down the line. Having monthly or bi-monthly osteopathic treatments can help to prevent injuries and get your body working at its best. By treating your whole body osteopaths can really help to get each part of your body working conjointly with the whole.
  3. Health and wellbeing
    We all know the saying – prevention is the best cure – and it really is! Keeping your body in top shape will help keep you healthy and happy. While there are many dimensions to healthy living, the key areas are nutritional, emotional and motional. Motional – in other words ‘the movement of the body’ is crucial to the health and vitality of the body and mind. There can be physical obstructions to health. The body requires good circulation within the body in order to deliver nourishment and remove waste products from each cell (the natural detox). Osteopathy is concerned with the whole body aiming to optimize the motion and circulation to restore vitality and encourage longevity.

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