About Dr. Parker


What I Do:

I’m a Family Practice and Osteopathic Doctor specializing in back pain, thyroid issues, headaches and general aches and pains. I love working with people who come from all kinds of places and are ready to overcome their unique health challenges.

Who it’s for:

People who are looking to feel better for the long term and to avoid some of the unhealthier parts of western medicine. If you are looking to get better and want to actively work with your doctor to become healthy, then we’re gonna be a great match.

Why it’s special:

This is your chance to have an award-winning doctor work with you on overcoming your health challenges. I’ve spent 20 years treating over 61,528 patients and some of my favorite people to work with are those with especially difficult health challenges to overcome. I’ve worked on everything from people recovering from the effects of “Agent Orange” to school sports physicals.

How it works:

You can either give me a call at (970) 764-4831 or you can schedule an appointment by clicking the link and choosing a time that works best for you. On the day of your appointment you get a full hour of my attention to tell me your story, where you want your health to be, what you are struggling with, and then I get to work on you so leave feeling better.

What to do next:

Click here to get in touch so we can start working on getting your health where you want it to be.