Why Children Benefit from Osteopathy

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People do not immediately think of children as needing osteopathic treatment, but osteopathy can benefit children at all stages of their development. From early infancy there is much that can and should be done by an osteopath to promote and maintain health throughout development.  A study of 125 early infants found that 85% had some degree of abnormality in the … Read More

Cold and Flu- Friend or Foe?

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Cold and Flu Friend or Foe For years, whenever a patient came to me with the cold or flu symptoms problems, I gave them the best pharmaceutical medical treatments available. I’d prescribe cough medicines, antibiotics and decongestants. This treatment plan helped some patients but others not really. I also found that more advertising about the flu there was the busier … Read More

Your Healthy Vibrant World

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It’s a brand new day. You open your eyes, delighted to greet whatever comes. You jump out of bed easily and without pain. You feel good, and are practically vibrating with energy. Life is joyful. That’s not you?  It can be. If you are truly living in a healthy vibrant world, you are taking the opportunity to live totally, and … Read More