Bronchitis Home Solutions

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When you start to feel an illness coming on there are several different remedies you can try to hasten your recovery.

  • When the cold first comes on- take note of your detox pathways (urinating, defecating, and sweating) Which one seems sluggish?  Address this and the mucus may stop building up.
  • Healing and relaxing baths- mustard bath, clay, Epson salts or magnesium flakes
  • Drink plenty of fluids- Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in water, if you have a fever, you may need additional fluid. Dehydration make all symptoms worse
  • Eat healthy foods- lots of fruits and vegetable and soup broths. These are easy to digest and high in nutrients.
    • No sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods
  • Eat Chili, cayenne pepper or capsicum
    • This will thin the mucus in your lungs, therefore helping you to cough more productively


  • Supplements

Bronchial Formula (minimize irritation respiratory) or lung support take 2 three times a day

Capsicum will thin the secretions take 1-2 a day

Osha Root 10-15 drops in ¼ cup water three times a day acts against viruses when used at first sign of bronchitis

An antiviral/ antibacterial like oil of oregano,  Garlic, colloidal silver taken several times a day


Cough syrups

  • Turmeric, honey and black pepper mix and take as needed
  • 4 drops of eucalyptus in 1 cup honey take 1 tsp as needed
  • Wild cherry bark cough syrup
  • Osha cough syrup -cough coat


Essential oil rubs

Asthma like tightness bronchitis ( nagging Cough) for congested cough drop the chamomile and add myrhh

2 drops frankensence                                                         2 drops chamomile

2 drops lavender                                                                8 drops frankensence

1 drop geranium                                                                 5 drops eucalyptus

2 drops peppermint                                                            3 drops oregano

Mixed in 2 T of massage oil                                               1 oz carrier oil



  • If you don’t want to mix your own use Breath deep


  • Bronchial Wellness Tea
    1. It is a soothing support for the respiratory
  • Drink Mullen tea
    1. Good for respiratory ailments

2 tsp of Mullen in a cup of bailing water, let seep for 10 minutes, then strain and drink. You can drink up to 3 cups per day

  • Dried Marshmallow Root
    1. It sooths an irritated throat

Pour 250ml of boiling water over 2-3 tsp of dried marshmallow root. Seep for 10 minutes- then strain and drink

  • Drink thyme tea
    1. This will help thin the mucus
    2. Has antimicrobial properties
    3. Relaxes the muscles of the trachea and bronchi and opens up the airway

1 cup or 250ml of boiling water- add 1-2 tsp of thyme; you can also add some dried plantain. Add honey to taste

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